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Greeting from the President of KSCC

Yong-Wha Lee
Korean Society of Clinical Chemistry

Yong-Wha Lee

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the Korean Society of Clinical Chemistry,

Over the past year, our society has undergone substantial quantitative and qualitative changes and advancements, thanks to the support of numerous members, as we commemorated our 40th anniversary. We undertook a major restructuring of the society's organizational system, involving more research activities and diverse projects. Notably, we successfully hosted our inaugural two-day annual conference and established a new headquarters with offices and meeting rooms in the heart of Seoul. The year 2023 marked a significant advancement for society, and the new headquarters is anticipated to function as a central location for members to generate diverse and progressive ideas, as well as to participate in various activities aimed at the society's development.

As the president, I am committed to advancing society's progress in 2024 through a range of substantial projects and active research and educational initiatives. We will continue the workshop on assay method evaluation that began last year and promote the integration of artificial intelligence-based test data utilization into the field of clinical chemistry. We plan to host comprehensive academic conferences in April and October 2024, covering a diverse range of enriching topics, respectively. Furthermore, we will spearhead the standardization and harmonization of laboratory tests, cultivate amicable relations with pertinent organizations, and enhance collaboration in diverse research and projects. Establishing an International Cooperation Committee will help our members become representatives in the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) and the Asia-Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry (APFCB), facilitating international exchanges and globalization.

The newly established research committees have experienced active participation from numerous competent new members, and their accomplishments have already been disseminated and shared through academic journals and various forums. In this virtuous cycle, innovative and enriching academic, educational, and research activities will continue, potentially expanding the positive outcomes of last year even further this year. The results generated will serve as the basis for strengthening our position as a medical society and driving both quantitative and qualitative growth. They will also catalyze individual members to develop professional expertise and distinguish their capabilities. We request your active participation and interest in these initiatives.

Best regards,

Yong-Wha Lee, MD, PhD
President of the Korean Society of Clinical Chemistry